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This blog is owned by Nao and Aika. We reserve the right to edit, delete some elements in this blog.
Our posts are based on our thoughts and opinions about what we have seen, heard, read, learned and experienced. Though we are trying to provide helpful links and make our blog posts helpful, we can’t guarantee that it’s accurate enough. Please take note that our blog is mainly for entertainment purposes, especially if you are bored, if you love Tokyo and Manila, if you love art.


And speaking of art…

All of the artworks, photographs and articles are made by us. We made them with all our effort, sweat, and tears (no exaggeration intended) so we can’t just let others use it without our permission. If you are interested with any elements in our site, please feel free to contact us.


If you find anything amazing or helpful in our blog and decided to write something about it, I hope our site could be noted as  source in the credit. A link back is greatly and truly appreciated. (As you know, we need exposure he he he)


We respect your opinions and insights about our blog. If you find it entertaining or nice, putting a comment will make us so relieved and we can be more confident in making posts. But we know we can’t please all of you. We also accept criticism, as long as it’s not too harsh and too hostile. Otherwise we reserve the to delete profane, spam and belligerent comments.


One last thing…


Please enjoy reading our posts. I hope these reminders won’t hinder you to enjoy our blog.

Thank you for being part of us! 🙂