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Denied No More: How I Finally Got a Tourist Visa to Japan!

So 3 years ago, I shared with you my heartbreaking experience when I applied to get a Japan tourist visa for the first time. Being denied was very embarrassing that it made me scared to travel abroad.


Two years have passed since I last met Nao-chan. After his visit, we became quite occupied with a lot of stuff. Nao was busy at work while I had to do my thesis and right after graduating, I started working on a regular job. (Good thing there’s Skype!) But this year, some things have changed. I quit my job and became a freelancer. And since the silver week in Japan was around the corner, Nao thought maybe it was time for us to meet again, in his city.


I’ve learned my lesson in my first attempt of visiting Japan, so this time I didn’t do the same mistakes again. Unlike last time, I applied for a single-entry visa with a guarantor as I would be with Nao-chan during the whole trip. Here are the docs we submitted:

Aika’s part:
Visa Application form. No erasures! Typewritten form highly recommended.
2 x 2 ID photo, white background
Valid, undamaged passport. Must be 6 months valid prior to your intended date of departure.
Certificate of Employment. If you are a freelancer like me. you can ask your client to provide you a document verifying that you’re working for them. It should also state the contract term and monthly salary.
Birth Certificate
Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) from Philippine Statistics Authority
Proof of relationship (chats, emails and pictures)


Nao’s part (guarantor):
Invitation letter. Written in Japanese, with signature and seal.
Guarantee letter. Written in Japanese, with signature and seal.
Itinerary/Schedule of Stay. Can be written in English but Nao wrote it in Japanese.
Residence Certificate (Juminhyo)
Income Certificate (Shotoku Shomeisho) from City Hall
Tax Return Certificates with Gross Income (Nouzeishomeisho)
Bank Certificate
Proof of relationship (chats, emails and pictures)


Forms can be downloaded from Japan Embassy’s site. For Nao’s invitation letter, guarantee letter and schedule of stay, he put his signature and seal. All documents to be submitted must be original so Nao sent his docs via EMS. It only took 4 days for them to be delivered at my home! After completing the requirements, I handed them in to an accredited travel agency, Rajah Travel and Tours in Manila (near Luneta Park) and paid P2000 for the processing fee. The staff was really kind and she checked each document thoroughly, making sure that I didn’t miss anything. As I waited for the big news, I couldn’t help but get nervous.  I couldn’t sleep, I got teary-eyed every time I see flying planes (lol) I had a history of getting denied before and if get the same result, it will really become a big challenge for our relationship. But I know we did everything – submitted complete documents. We wrote our most heartfelt letters we’ve ever written. We didn’t try to hide or lie about anything. (dasal lang, dasal lang talaga!)


After 4 working days, I received a text from the travel agency. I had a mixed feeling –  I’m relieved the wait is over, but at the same time, I didn’t want to know the result yet (ang labo no?) But, I decided to text my friend, who’s related to the travel agent, and told her that I got a text already. She asked the travel agent to know my status, and after a few minutes, my friend sent a photo of my passport. SHOCKS! APPROVED! I cried a lot more. Finally, after 2 years I could meet Nao-chan! Also, I’m relieved to know that I’m not banned to enter Japan. I did have that kind of thought when I got denied before.


So, if you have a history of a denied visa application to Japan, don’t lose hope 🙂 As long as you have complete docs and you really are going there for travel, there’s nothing to worry about. Good luck!


I will do my best to answer if you have questions. They will be based on my experience so please don’t ask me technical stuff 🙂 peace!


  1. Ailyn Ailyn

    Hi po Ms.aika.. pwede ko malaman if ilang days of stay ang nilagay nyo po sa visa application form nyo? Thanks.

    • Aika Aika

      Hi Ailyn! Sorry for the late reply 🙁 I put 9 days, counted yung day of arrival. 🙂

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