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REA(L)OVE on Netflix: My Review

I subscribed to Netflix six months ago so I’ve started watching a few series (though my siblings are using it more than I do ^^) Recently,I’m into some reality TV series particularly Terrace House. It’s about six people, with different personalities and passion live in one roof to look for a potential partner. I got to know it from my former co-workers who had been watching it during lunch breaks. I find it very interesting – They live in a big, fancy house and they also have gorgeous cars that they can drive during their ‘dates’ or when the group is going to hang out together. The members are also wonderful as most of them have cool personas. Some of the members are models (that’s why they are so good-looking!), university students, or even athletes.

But few days ago, I bumped into this new Japanese Netflix show. I could say that it is a bit similar to Terrace House since the objectives are pretty same. Rea(l)ove is a Japanese dating reality show which participants will get to know each other for three days in Okinawa. But the twist is as the show continues, each of them will reveal their dark pasts that they have to get over with to find a new love. This one seems to be intriguing, so I gave it a try!

Watching the first episode, I thought it was a scripted drama, but no~ With regards to location, it is superb. It makes me want to go to Okinawa! However, it’s quite apparent that the show is not as classy and sophisticated as Terrace House as some reviews say it was ‘trashy’. The hosts of the show are quite popular, Atsushi Tamura and Mari Yaguchi who are said to have had been involved in some controversies before. They revealed the male participants first, then the female ones followed. Unlike the Terrace House members, most of them look very ordinary, (less good-looking tbh) and that made me more curious what kind of secrets they have. They had a segment called ‘Free Time’ where they could speak with any members freely. They are observed concurrently by the hosts, making commentaries about what’s going on. Atsushi-san is ruthlessly frank and harsh, which makes me annoyed a bit. Thankfully, Mari-san is a considerate one and always try to make him stop saying such offensive words!

What made me watch more is each secrets were revealed in every episode. In the middle of the segments, those members are randomly picked by the host and they had to tell their dark pasts in front of whoever they were with. In the first episode, the secrets revealed by the (un)lucky participants are shocking and a bit difficult to bear. Some are compassionate enough and tried to comfort each other. But most of them get discouraged after knowing the secrets of their prospects which I think is a normal thing, a typical human reaction.

I managed to watch all episodes of this reality show. And I must say that it was somehow OK. Though I doubt about its authenticity after since the ‘couples’ didn’t really succeed. Like right after the program, one member was hanging out with the other member whom she rejected during the show. I couldn’t get it really.

Anyway, if you want something extraordinary and want to take a break from fancy series, i think this is worth the try 🙂

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