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Strolling around Tokyo Asakusa with Ricoh Theta S

Recently I bought Ricoh Theta S.
This camera can capture 360 orbital view.

I would like to start take the photos of Tokyo and other areas as orbital images (‘ω’)

Seeing those images make me dizzy a bit actually, but exciting (^O^)

Anyway I strolled around my favorite place Asakusa….

To see images below properly, browsing with Google Chrome recommended.
Or click and jump to Google streetview.



Kaminarimon Gate


Nakamise Street.
Many lovely shops.

Retouching the photo to remove myself is very troublesome.
I should compromise retouching stone tiles.

I want to be invisible to save the time to retouch.



Hozo-mon Gate.
Unfortunately, five-story pagoda is under renovation until Autumn 2017.


Senso-ji Temple.
Beautiful but the shape of temple is very distorted as captured by orbital camera…
hahaha never mind…


No I mind very much !!



Skytree over there, from the isolated historical area…
As I stay this kind of place, I feel like I became a stray cat….

Maybe I used to be (=^・^=)


I will stroll around other places to capture 360 images.
But it’s still winter.
I would rather stay in my room and read books.

Spring season, dont’be shy, Please Show Up.
I’m waiting for you change the color of the scenery.

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