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Aika Finally Travels: Wandering around Singapore

Finally, I was able to have a my long vacation! Over the past few months, my world revolves around work and studies. (That’s why I couldn’t post so much in our blog haha) I work almost every day, even on weekends and write my thesis after tutoring. It was my first time to go on a trip abroad, and though Nao-chan wouldn’t be the first person whom I’ll travel with, I’m super thankful to my closest friend, Bebe-chan for inviting me to go on a trip with her. She planned for our trip and also introduced me to a lot of places, and importantly, food!

So after a 3-hour flight, we safely landed to Singapore! We arrived to our accommodation around ten in the evening so we just took a rest and got ready for tomorrow’s stroll!


First Stop: Little India

Our hostel was located around Veerasamy Road, so we could reach this very interesting place by a few minutes of walking. At that time, It was Deepavali Festival,  a religious festivity widely celebrated in India. and since Indians are part of the Singaporean multicultural society, this has also become a very important holiday in the country.

little india-deepavali
The streets were decorated with colorful, bird-like lanterns

Little India is full of shops, offering various items. The establishments are all amazing as they are vintage and vividly painted.





The streets were full of people because of the holiday. And I admit, at first I felt something. We look different so there are lots of time some locals were looking at us. But of course, this place is really safe and very interesting, I must say.  In fact when I was here, I almost forgot that I’m in Singapore! I could see a few women wearing gorgeous sarees, the aroma of curry and the lively Indian music.



Second Stop: ION Orchard

Orchard Road is one of the most gorgeous places in Singapore. ION Orchard is huge and its architecture is just, wow. The mall has luxury fashion brands; Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent to name a few. (I couldn’t buy anything hahaha!)



And since I can’t purchase any stuff I’ll just touch this kawaii dog sculpture (≧▽≦)


Third Stop: Marina Bay 

There are a lot of must-visit places surrounding Marina Bay. That’s why we were able to visit Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum, and Gardens by the Bay in one day!


Marina Bay Sands
Inside Marina Bay Sands shopping area


Coincidentally, when we went to the museum. I didn’t know that we are going to see TeamLab’s exhibition! Nao-chan and I have watched TV shows featuring their works. We were very amazed and at that moment, I was totally ecstatic for I never expected that I’m going to witness their exhibit in my very own eyes~ (I will be making a short article for this one (*^-^*)



gardens by the bay
Gardens by the Bay light show
Marina Bay
Marina Bay


Third Stop: Arab Street

It was our last day in the country and before we head to Malaysia, Bebe-chan and I took our afternoon stroll. We went to Arab Street, which is only few minutes away on foot from the hostel. The street is occupied by Arabian fashion shops, and sumptuous restaurants.






Fourth Stop: Library@Orchard

This is one of my most favorite places I’ve visited. It was a challenge to see for the library though, as it was inside a mall (Orchard Gateway) and our navigation app was not working well. But once you found it, it’s like a bookworm’s mecca. There were tons of books! It is very trendy, I haven’t seen any study desks there but only comfy chairs hidden behind shelves. I guess I could stay there for the whole day, reading different stuffs.






Fifth stop: Merlion Park and Short stroll at Chinatown

After winding up at the library, we wandered heading to Merlion Park. We went there for the mandatory photo with the Merlion fountain!



As we expected, there were a lot of tourists taking selfies, portraits and hilarious depth-of-field photos. (*^▽^*)
Mission Accomplished:Have a portrait with that popular Merlion Fountain. 😀 (Thanks to a ‘kababayan’ who took this great photo!)

We were also supposed to go Chinatown to visit a temple, however, there wasn’t enough time, and we had to go back and prepare for going to Kuala Lumpur. Besides, Bebe-chan was feeling under the weather so we just had our dinner there.




So these are the places we’ve been to for 3 days. Actually we only had 1 whole day and a half to explore Singapore. I know there are a lot of sightseeing spots (Sentosaaaa!)  we have missed but we will definitely go back there and hopefully,  it’ll be a DOUBLE DATE next time!(≧▽≦)

Thank you Bebe-chan for taking awesome photos of me. Follow her on instagram!

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