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【PPAP Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen ♪】Who is Piko-Taro? Here’s 5 Facts about Piko-Taro you might not need to know..

Pi Piko Piko Piko-Taro ♪

Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen ♪♪


Here’s Piko-Taro Official Video

Aika recommended me to watch this the other night.

She told me it’s viral on Facebook.
It’s so surprising even Justin Bieber said on twitter PPAP is his favorite video!!

As I watched it, I couldn’t find this nonsense video funny AT ALL at first time…

Maybe I am too immune to  nonsense things.
Because I am Japanese and living in Japan, so I’m surrounded with bunch of nonsense daily.


I couldn’t recognize who Piko-Taro is at first.
So I looked up about him…


#1 Who is Piko-Taro?

He is a comedian. His screen name is Kosaka-Daimaou (古坂大魔王).
Daimaou means Great Satan.

His real name is Kazuhito Kosaka.

He once was quite popular aronud year of 2000 as a member of comedian group (Sokonuke”Botomless” Air-Line).
Unfortunately since then, lately he has not shown up on TV as often as before.

yes I remember him…. but he was totally out of my mind these days.


#2 What does Piko-Taro(ピコ太郎) mean?

In Japan “Piko-Piko ピコピコ” expresses sounds of electric device or game.
I think in English it can be translated as “pip-pip” or “bleep”

Taro(たろう 太郎) is a Japanese boy’s first name.
It is a common name like “John”.


#3 Pride as a Comedian

He takes a great deal of pride in being as a comedian.

From Japanese Wikipedia about Kosaka-Daimaou.

At the school festival, he was invited to perform.
When one of the audience said to him,
“His performance is boring”.
Kosaka approached that student and said,

“Hey, Hey You!  What did you say? Me, Boring?  Are you funnier than me ? brat !
Say something funny ! I will count. Three, two, one!  Any performance?  Nothing?  Nothing?”


Umm, he has a great pride as a comedian.
Other comedians never do such a thing I suppose …


#4  Money-raising Challenge

When He was 30 years old. He showed up on money-raising TV program to raise 7 million yen (around $7o thousand).

At that time he had his band, and wanted to make his band debut in London.
Because he wanted to amaze the world by their performance. So he wanted to get that amount.
Unfortunately his passion and plan wasn’t understood by investors.
He failed that challenge. He couldn’t get any money.


#5 Profile

Born in 1973 from Aomori prefecture (Northern part of Japan. “Famous for APPLE plantation” ).
Height 186cm.
Currently single.



After long time of his struggling, his supressed sense of humor exploded as “Piko-Taro” on Youtube.

I want to watch his funny videos more.
Actually after I watched PPAP repeatedly,
I found myself murmuring anytime…

“Apple Pen.. Pinapple Pen.. Pi  Piko Piko. Piko-Taro… Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen ♪ ”
While walking on the street, taking a bath, shopping…


Piko-Taro’s smile speaks to my heart….

“Go For Your Dream.

Never Give Up.

I wish all your dream comes true”


Piko-Taro, You taught me the importance of pursuing my dream..

Arigato – Gozaimasu. ありがとうございます。ピコ太郎さん、応援してます、がんばってください。








Any problem with my eyes ?….




Why are there things I want most now …..




Is this an illusion….. No..  !



How can I…..



How can I..  resist….



How can I resist this inner impulsion to make myself a part of the Nonsense World ….



Apple Pen!!



Feels so Nice Being Nonsense !!
YES !!  Nonsense Rule the World !!

I will recommend Aika to do this (^_-)-☆


Have a good day!!



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