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How to Slay your Self-Introduction in Japanese!

Nao-chan’s going to meet his dad. I would like to meet him in person too but it’s impossible since I’m here in Manila and also I can’t skype them since it was a weekday, and I was pretty busy at that time. So I just decided to make video message for his father. I introduced myself.


Well it’s not easy. I think in Japanese there are so many ways to introduce yourself, but it depends on the situation:

Let this woman be our example.


As you can see, she used 3 different ways of introducing herself. The first two were very polite, and the third is casual and friendly. (We didn’t even know that the woman is actually a boozer!)  


In business and formal situations, we use [your name]~to moushimasu  (~ともうします) while [your name] ~desu (~です) is for ordinary ones.

It’s not really necessary to say  watashi wa~ (わたしは~) all the time since in Japanese it’s already understood that you are referring to yourself.

You may be asking what made the third introduction casual. It’s the yoroshiku!(よろしく)!  Saying yoroshiku alone may make you sound very friendly or impolite. That’s why it is recommended to use ‘douzo yoroshiku’ or add~onegaishimasu (~おねがいします)

Question : So what kind of introduction should I use?! Well…


Politeness means a lot for our Japanese fellows. So if you want to leave a good impression, use polite expressions all the time. Better choose the safe side my friend!


If you really want to impress your Japanese friend, co-worker or whosoever. Can add more facts about you. In my case, I told about where I am from, and what I do. Let me share about that!


When you are telling where you are from, there are two ways. One way is:

 Shusshin wa [country or town] desu. (しゅっしんは [country or town] です。) or;

[country or town] kara kimashita. ([country or town]からきました。)

                Go-shusshin wa firipin no manila desu. (Manila, Philippines is my hometown.)

                Igirisu kara kimashita. (I came from England.)


If you want to talk about what you do (for a living),  we can simply say:

Shigoto wa [job] desu. (しごとは[job]です。)or;  we can just use watashi wa [job] desu (わたしは[job]です。)

                Shigoto wa eigo no sensei desu. (My job is an English teacher)

                Watashi wa kaishain desu. (I’m an office worker)

               Watashi wa daigakusei desu. (I’m a university student)


Actually, it took me one hour or more for a one-minute introduction because I mispronounced words a lot! If you are a bit curious how I introduced myself to Nao-chan’s dad, here’s how:



You might notice that I used one a-bit-complicated expression there but I think it will take me years to explain it. Because I’m still a beginner and I’m afraid I will make you more confused. I just want to share what I learned! But I hope this post will help you somehow.

Please introduce yourself too! if you have more time you can write it in the comments!

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