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Please Please Be My Sunshine Girl

あつい Atsui (Hot)
くそあつい! Kuso-Atsui (Fu**ing Hot! Kuso means…** Please don’t say it in Japan. Thanks(^_-)-☆)

Summer season used be my good friend when I was a kid.
I enjoyed swimming at the river.

At the beach, Watermelon from すいかわり (Suikawari– watermelon crushing game with blindfold) was heavenly.





Nowadays… I want to evacuate from this heat-island urban phenomenon.


Recently I caught a cold due to a refrigerating air-conditioner.
I had a dizziness and headache.

Summer might be no more my good friend.
I miss cozy Spring and Autumn season in Japan.


But I want to get along with devilish fu**ing hot Summer again.

I should have a super warm heart to embrace lovely sunshine.

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