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So So Hot…… Cool Music Suchmos

Hello, Hello,

It’s so hot here in Tokyo..

I think Manila as well.
Maybe much hotter.

After getting through cold cold winter, why I have to endure this scorching heat comes up from asphalt road.

I want to dive into Manila Ocean Park.
I rather want to be a Sealion.


とてもあつい Totemo Atsui …….. very hot

I can’t hit upon a good idea with my already-melted brain.

That’s OK.

All I can do to cope with this hot summer is…..
listening to cool music (^◇^)♪♪

Lately in Japan, band called Suchmos is very popular☆

I’m so happy every time I encounter good music, movie, people….

That’s how I keep my heart on fire in my life.

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