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A Day at Manila Ocean Park

It’s been seven years since I visited Manila Ocean Park for a high school field trip. So I was excited to visit the place again, with Nao-chan this time.

Manila Ocean Park is the only aquarium in Philippines. Some people say it is not as big as other aquariums abroad (but who cares?!) There are so many beautiful sea creatures to see and there are many packages to choose from depending on your budget.

We chose the ‘Deep Sea Rush 6’. which costs 580 pesos. It wasn’t so crowded as we visited there on a weekday. (yey!)


At the entrance~



Sea Lion Show!


After the show, we headed to Oceanarium. There were sooo many cute fishes ^__^







At the exit, we saw an interesting aquarium called “The Magic Tank”. Nao-chan was really generous since he made the fishes full. (≧▽≦) Almost all the fishes approached him!





Maybe the fishes find his hand delicious ^__^



We went to the other side of the building, And we could see the beautiful view of Manila Bay. The weather was kind of overcast, but it was still good~




We have also visited the Jellyfish exhibit. They look like pudding I want to eat them!





After going to the Jellyfish exhibit and buying some souvenirs, we were about to go back to the hotel. But we forgot we can also see the light and sounds show.  And it might be もったいない (wasteful) if didn’t go, so we just decided to watch and it’s a good decision since the show was great. I think it ran longer than before.



It was quite hard to go back to the hotel since there is no taxi bay outside the park. I tried using Grab and it wasn’t easy but eventually, I was able to get one. We waited outside then a group of street kids and bystanders nagging us to get on a taxi and asking for money.  It made us quite stressed -__-

Anyway, we still had fun at Manila Ocean Park!

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