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Doraemon & Hello Kitty Goods, Snacks as Souvenirs from Japan

I will be visiting Aika in few days so I got some souvenirs that I will bring to Manila from Tokyo.

First, I bought instant foodstuffs like Curry and miso soup. These are really easy to prepare so there’s no reason for her to say she can’t cook!



And of course, Japanese snacks won’t be out of my list! Aside from their salty, distinct yet delicious taste, They have a very interesting packaging design (full of different cute characters).




These snacks can be used as ornament or emergency foods (^o^)


I also bought Stationery items such as a sketch book and lovely puppy book markers.




I got these items at Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku which is a very popular department store in Japan. You can find various items like DIY tools, furnitures, exercise goods and etc.

Here is their site:

You can buy some items there online so it’s alright even you’re outside Japan!




usage explanation on the back side.



Also, I have been to Doraemon & Hello Kitty special collaboration event and bought some goods at Takashimaya department store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

Takashimaya department stores are located in Shinjuku, Kyoto,Osaka and so on. It is one of the most luxurious department store chains in Japan. You can check the site below:


I bought more notebooks, and other stuff



Clear files.





Cookie canister




The paper bag is really cute but already crumpled (^_^;)




These goods were sold for a limited time. So, I was so lucky to get information about this event.


Anyway I’m so excited to visit Philippines again!!

I will bring some more!

See you soon☆☆☆



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