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One Ok Rock Live in Manila, For the First Time!

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life~ ONE OK ROCK performed live in Manila!


It was like a miracle since most popular Japanese musicians rarely have a concert here. 4 months before the event, I was surprised when I found out they will perform in Philippines and I wondered if do they have lots of Filipino fans, then when I bought a ticket (about 4 days after the announcement) VIP tickets were already sold out! T__T Even the lower box seats near the stage were gone! Other fans were really quick~  Anyway my friend (Hello Glai~ haha) and I just got a seat in the left corner of lower box.

(Fast forward— January 19,2016!)

Okay, so we arrived at the Mall of Asia Arena an hour before the gate opened. There were so many young people in black shirts, some look like “Otaku”, some are “fangirls” (I classify myself here), some are like “rock stars” with eyeliners and vividly-dyed hair, and a few people looked casual, typical, normal.

As the gate opened, audiences with VIP tickets cheered and rushed to go inside the arena to get a good spot. うらやましい~  (So envious)

People with VIP-standing tickets are queuing since afternoon


As 6PM approaches, more and more people are coming!


And a Colossal Titan???!!
And a Colossal Titan???!!


And since we got the best seat in the world, and no one else can occupy our seats except us, so we don’t have to rush. we even managed to take a picture and buy an “overpriced” energy drink with a free One Ok Rock event poster. But when I entered, the guard told me that tablets aren’t allowed so I should surrender my iPad to them. >__< Luckily, Glai was with me so we can still take photos through her phone~


やっと~ i’m inside MOA Arena! (/・ω・)/


Just waiting for the concert to start~

Concert started, finally!


One Ok Rock started the show with “Take me to the Top” so we crazily screamed! Taka’s voice was extremely powerful. He’s such a talented singer, well i think it runs in his blood. I suddenly remember what Nao-chan told me to shout “Shinichi Mori!!” Taka’s father is actually as famous Enka singer (and we find him really amusing)~

They performed their most popular songs like The Beginning, Deeper Deeper, No Scared, Clock Strikes, Mighty Long Fall, Heartache, WHEREVER YOU ARE (my favorite!)  and Dreamer and more.

The crowd was really amazing. Everybody was singing along, screaming, head-banging. Perhaps One Ok Rock was a bit surprised we can sing their Japanese songs. On the other hand, some  audiences didn’t follow all the rules which Amuse Inc. posted on Facebook before the event; i saw very few audiences in the VIP brought glowsticks,  even some took videos or pictures with tablets. I’m not certain if taking photos with phones is allowed. But it’s inevitable to take pictures, it was like a once-in-a- lifetime event! Glai took a few photos during the concert ^^  (sorry!)




They were so near yet so far~ ( ̄▽ ̄)
We didn’t notice that two hours has passed, it was like they’ve just entered the stage. Their first concert here was very superb~ They said they will come to Philippines again. I hope they’ll keep their promise since many people are still waiting for them!!! I also hope that we can get a VIP ticket next time 😀
Today, I’m having a hoarse voice and neck pain. But it’s alright! Going to the concert was totally WORTH IT!
P.S Thank you so much Glai my friend for the photos!

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