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Taking a walk around Omotesando and Shibuya area, Ramen Nagi ラーメン凪

It was so beautiful Autumn Leaves at Meiji-Jingu Gaien area.
Meiji-Jingu Gaien area is just 15 minutes away by walk from Omotesando area.


Meiji is a name of Japanese era.

Jingu means Shrine.

Gaien means Outer Garden.


You can see the map of this area as below link (^_-)-☆





















There were so many couples and families enjoying watching and playing with fallen leaves under the beautiful gingko trees.

A couple asked me to take their photo.
I hope they love the photo I took (^o^)

Also I went to Ramen shop Nagi 凪 at Shibuya.

My favorite Ramen shop( ̄▽ ̄)


This is my favorite “Niboshi (dried sardine) Ramen”




YUMMY ( ̄▽ ̄)

おいしい (Oishii)  means delicious





おいしかった (Oishikatta)  It was delicious!!


On the bottom of the bowl, it says something like “There’s no Regret with my Ramen”

Ramen chefs have great pride with their work.


But also I never regret that I got high calorie food…

I walked very long distance to permit myself eat Ramen.

Exercise is Justice.

To survive the cold season in Tokyo, I need to eat oily foods more.


I can remember we visited Ramen Nagi at Greenbelt in Manila. (*^。^*)

なつかしい Natsukashii

There’s one sad fact about Ramen Nagi in Philippine is that you can’t taste Niboshi (dried sardine) (T_T)


Anyway I’m plannning to go to Manila early next year!!

I hope we can go to Ramen Nagi again!!


  1. Rod&Ess Rod&Ess

    I can soo relate! ^_^ I and my hubby are also in an LDR and we both love Japan! Your blog is cute!

    • Aika Aika

      Hi Rod&Ess,
      Thank you for dropping by and i am so happy to know that you like our blog. And it’s amazing that you’re in a LDR. I hope your relationship will stay strong!

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