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Evening walk around Asakusa 浅草さんぽ

Hello Aika-chan,

I’m really sure you enjoyed so much with Kei Owada san’s singing and painting artists performance.

Actually I watched Kei-san’s “A Part of Me” on Youtube.

It’s definitely my favorite music. So Nice☆

I feel envious. うらやましい
You could listened to her voice live.

To be honest, I didn’t know her music until you told me about the concert.

It’s so happy to know about nice, beautiful music.

I want to go to her concert with my friends.

I hope many Japanese fans would discover her.


By the way, I went to Asakusa last weekend.

It was a really nice evening walk.
I really like walking around Asakusa.

I hope we can walk together someday いつか。

Senso-ji Temple (Asakusa Tmple) with Tokyo Sky Tree.


I will post more photos next time~

see you(^o^)

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