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Hi there!

Welcome to AN Diary! Thanks for dropping by.

We are thousand miles away (1,841 airline miles to be exact), so we used to have a shared notebook in Evernote before we started blogging, where we write about almost everything; from the pettiest to the most important events in our lives– What we ate, where we’ve been, how we’re feeling etc. And after months of doing this, we decided to share our diary through our blog.

By the way, who are we?

This blog is owned by me and Nao, we’ve been partners for more than a year, but we’re living apart in two different countries.

aika with nameBorn and raised in Philippines. I’m currently taking a Fine Arts major at a university in Manila and also a part-time designer and tutor. I may be financially-independent but shamelessly speaking, i’m still living with my parents.

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nao with nameNao is living in Tokyo. He studied photography in England, and currently working in a Japanese company. He still have the photographer’s eye though! On weekends, he becomes a blogger but still struggling on WordPress. He loves cats and Shogi.

We are just ordinary, normal people (sometimes not), working (and studying, in my case) 7 days a week to make a living and we only meet once or twice a year. Nao visits Philippines to see me. I would like to go to Japan someday to visit him, however, I can’t go there yet for some reasons. For now, we should endure and work hard so that someday, when the right time comes, we can live happily together~

Anyway, we are hoping that you will appreciate our blog and our creative works! We will do our best to make you inspired, entertained and so you won’t be out of place!


If you have something to tell us, you can reach us with this email address:

Thanks a lot ありがとうございました、
Aika (and Nao!) ♥



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