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Japan Visa Application Got Denied? Here’s my Horror Story


UPDATE: I applied for a Japan tourist visa for the second time, I got approved finally! See the story HERE.

December 2014, I was very elated to get a promo flight ticket to Tokyo. I told Nao-chan about it and we were both very excited to meet in Japan. (I’ve almost forgotten that I need to apply for a visa~) I was very excited to go abroad for the very first time! To be honest, I was so optimistic that I can get approved easily because I heard in the news that the Japan Visa Application process is currently relaxed.

After reading some blogs about Japan Visa application and their success stories, I have become much more positive that I can get approved too. I decided to apply for a Single Entry Tourist Visa without a Guarantor. Nao-chan was anxious to be my guarantor due some reasons that the embassy might think he is not eligible for it.

So three weeks prior to my “flight” I went to a travel agency to submit my requirements, ate a bowl of Ramen and went  home with a smile from ear to ear. After a few days, I received a text from the agency asking me to get my passport. I went there then WHOA. my application got denied!

It was really horrible. It was like I was struck by lightning then ran over by a car. I tried to be calm and asked the travel agent why I got denied, but he said that the embassy doesn’t disclose any reasons regarding visa rejections. All I want is to meet Nao-chan, go to lots of museums with him and see Ukiyo-e paintings, observe the latest Japanese fashion trends in Omotesando and Harajuku! I was making daft assumptions in my head, maybe I wasn’t smiling on the picture– or maybe my name was put in the blacklist (Wait, are they thinking I’m going to work there as a Japayuki-san? My goodness -__-) etc. etc. that’s why they rejected me. I left the agency, called Nao-chan  right away via Skype then broke down with tears.


After this incident, I felt discouraged to attempt once again. I’m anxious that I will get denied if ever I apply for the second time. Rejection history kept on haunting me~~ I started to search some blogs about Japan visa  about rejections, chances of reapplying for japan visa about being denied and the possible factors why I got rejected. Actually there are only very few information about it. But as I re-read the previous blogs about getting a Japan visa, I realized some factors why I got denied:


1. One document as a proof return isn’t enough
I had only submitted the flight itinerary receipt as a proof. Few days ago, I have just read in a blog that booking a return  ticket is not really a strong evidence of return. I should have added my certificate of enrollment from my university and my certificate of employment as they are the strongest evidences that you will have to go back to my country.


2. I didn’t include that I will visit someone in Japan
I just didn’t want Nao-chan to get bothered by giving some supporting documents. and it was a stupid excuse. I remembered the travel agent told me that one of the possible reasons I got denied is that “I’m going to travel by myself.” I wondered if that was a strong reason enough. Until I found a comment in a forum saying:


“Women especially travelling alone, have a smaller chance to get approved since the embassies are assuming they might find someone there and get impregnated. OR usually women are used as a drug mule etc. etc.”


I hope this misogynist-ic statement isn’t true.


Another thing i realized is that I was 19 years old during that time, and I’m going to travel ‘alone’. Maybe they are thinking I’m too young to travel alone?


3. I have never been to any foreign countries
Though it doesn’t really mean that it’s impossible for me to go to Japan if I haven’t traveled to any other countries, having passport stamps is a strong proof that I’m a responsible tourist who goes back to my home country. I should’ve considered travelling to a visa-free country first.


4. My Schedule of Stay seem unrealistic
So as I have said, I wasn’t able to include that I will be visiting my boyfriend in Japan. He supposed to bring me to lots of museums (and Disneyland, too) He actually booked a hotel for me already, and that hotel is not really a cheap one. So to sum this up, my schedule of stay was seemingly too ‘idealistic’ considering the amount in my bank account during that time. I should’ve considered and researched more about planning my Japan trip.


5. Anxiety and Carelessness
I should have researched more about getting a Visa to Japan, and considered about telling the truth that I will be visiting someone there. Though it might bother Nao-chan to prepare some required documents to prove our relationship, I should’ve realized that he won’t feel very burdened as he really wanted me to come to Japan.


It’s been almost a year since this unfortunate thing happened to me, and I wanted to give it a try again. But I’m afraid to get denied again. Thankfully, I found Cinnamon-chan’s blog (  she was very helpful and eager to respond to my questions. She told me not to worry, just make sure that I will submit the documents I missed before, and I shouldn’t be hesitant to include that I will be visiting someone in Japan. (For Filipino readers who are planning to apply a Japan visa WITH a guarantor, please check her blog post here)


To know more information about tips of increasing your chances to get your Japan visa application approved, check this blog post from It’s a very nice and helpful blog too! Actually, if only I found her blog post soon before I applied for a visa, I might be able to prevent to get denied~


I consider this experience as the worst failure I’ve done so far. But through this, I learned a lesson. This year, if time permits, I will really try to apply once again, and I will not forget the mistakes I did before, and I’ll never EVER do them again!


  1. Hello Aika,

    I am really sorry that you application was denied. I found your blog when you link my post about tips on “getting your tourist visa approved.” If you need help with your second visa application, please don’t hesitate to comment in my blog post. I helped a lot of readers there. Don’t consider this as a failure but a lesson for your next visa application.

    But for your second application, it’s better to have Nao be your Guarantor (send photos of you together). If you really want to go to Japan, don’t be shy to Nao to ask for documents.

    Sending you luck on your next visa application.

    If you need help you can always visit my blog 😉


    • andiary andiary

      Thank you so much po for the comment, and for visiting my blog Ms. Ada! I really love your website and it is really helpful for those who want to go to Japan (like me! hahaha) I will keep your advice in mind and i’ll make sure to follow them 🙂

  2. Hi! Wow ur blog is rather entertaining. This is d first time i checked this post and I am happy that u seemed very positive despite the unfortunate event that happened. I look forward to seeing ur future post about ur Japan trip.

    Thanks BTW for tagging me!


    • Aika Aika

      Hello Cinnamon-chan,

      Thank you very much po for the comment and for dropping by to my blog! 🙂 actually po, after reading your blog and your comment about my query, i got motivated to try again and started to research about visa more thoroughly and prudently~ i hope that i can ask you more about other things someday, about international marriage (in the future po, hopefully hahaha)

      More power to your blog po! Thank you po ulit!! 🙂

  3. Ann Ann

    Aww this must be frustrating. 🙁

    • Aika Aika

      Yes it is~ 🙁 But I will try my best not to get denied again on my second try! Are you going to apply for a visa too? 🙂

  4. ms. military ms. military

    Hi guys. Very nice article. 🙂
    Can anyone please help me with my concern? I have a US Air Force boyfriend in Okinawa Japan and he is my guarantor and everything. He recently just got his divorce papers finalized this March 2016 but we have been together for 1 year now. I’m thinking would this mess with the Consulate’s head? Another problem is his Statement of Service doesn’t have his commander’s signature so what we did was he wrote an email with his electronic signature and we attached that to the statement of service. I am a first time traveler and a college student, I have no proof of employment which serves as a strong tie in the Philippines. I have been feeling anxious over the last few days. I really wanna see him for only 15 days. Do you guys think I might get approved? We didn’t submit his bank certificate too only his ITR. Would that suffice? Thanks. 🙂

      • ms.military ms.military

        Hi Thanks for replying. I got single entry under sofa status. took five days to be approved. I was so happy. Now Im applying again for multiple entry temporary visitor visa for 15 days. Under sofa status as well. Do you guys hear a lot about embassy denying multiple entry application? I dont wanna be denied i rather get single entry again.. Im so anxious and would not be able to process in my mind if in case i got denied because I already got a used japan visa. they say its not a guarantee but I submitted the same documents though. I pray I get a second visa.

  5. Hi I was very upset and sad because I got denied for the 3rd time the 1st 2 application when I was in the philippines and the 3rd time here in kuwait I was so depreesed on the 3rd time receiving same answer that wasn’t able to have a visa even that I submitted the necessary documents given by my sister as well as mine it’s been 4 years and counting that my sister and I haven’t seen each other due to our vacation schedule of our children vacation. Hope that you could help me to overcome my frustration since I’m sincerely want to see my sister and my nieces since I’m working here in kuwait. Thank you!

    • Aika Aika

      Hello Dhen, i’m sorry to hear about that 🙁 my visa application was also denied so i don’t know how can i help you. but i provided in my article the helpful links i have read to analyze the factors i got denied. have you tried submitting a letter of explanation as one of your requirements? it’s just an optional thing but it might be good that you explain why you need to visit there~ i hope this helps!

  6. Hi I found your blog right after nursing my still raw wounds of getting denied of my Japanese visa. It really hurts when you really prepared and looked forward for the trip and you’re left not knowing where you went wrong 🙁

    • Aika Aika

      Hello Christine. i’ve been there on that stage!i even thought at first that the travel agent was kidding~ because i as far i knew i submitted everything. and after that i was very sad and anxious to reapply. despite of this, i believe that we will get approved in our next application and next time we should “triple-check” the docs before submitting them as some travel agents won’t care even if your requirements seem lacking~~

  7. Kim Kim

    I feel for you dear. I was once denied a visa too (different embassy though). They thought I was too young to apply for a visa (I was 20 then) and had never been abroad. Getting interviewed by the consul was really a traumatizing experience for me. That didn’t stop me though, because a year after that I decided to reapply and was finally granted a visa. I did my homework and researched thoroughly for weeks.

    I hope that the next time you apply, your application gets approved.
    Japan is really beautiful! And I hope that you and Nao-chan meet soon.

    Good luck!

    • Aika Aika

      Hello Kim,
      Thank you so much! i guess we had a similar experience~ it really gave me a lesson. and your story is motivating me to reapply for a visa in the nearest future. you gave me hope! 🙂

      • Kim Kim

        I was inspired to write my own visa horror story too because of you. So thank you, Aika. I’m sure you’ll be able to get the visa next time you apply. 🙂

    • Laroga Leonardo Laroga Leonardo

      actually d 2 times napo aqng na denied,ung una po tourist inapply q,ngaun nman po vising relatives knina pag Kuga q ng passport q denied na nman po pwde po ba aqng ma re apply after 1 month or mag apila?
      need po ng tulong nu sobrang nkaka frustrate po tlaga.
      Maraming salamat po

  8. joooeeeys joooeeeys

    I experienced this kind of scenario just now. I feel so frustrated about the result and I need to wait for another 6 months again. I give up my studies since my friend wanted me to visit and stay in Japan for 90 days but unfortunately my visa got denied I cannot do anything she’s thinking other ways but I think it would be hard for us since it is already in the policy that if you wish to re apply your visa you need to wait for another 6 months. I’m losing hope and I don’t know what to do right now. Supposedly we are going to celebrate our birthday together next month but sad to say it will not happen anymore. She keep on telling me that she will never give up and I should do the same too. We will apply again after 6 months but I am thinking about next year but next time soon, I will choose shorter period of time maybe 15 days is enough.

    • Aika Aika

      Wait, what? you gave up your studies?! oh no, that must be very frustrating :'( I’m very sorry to hear that. If it’s your first time to plan visiting Japan Single entry for 15 days would be ideal, i guess. Did you apply for a visa with a guarantor?
      I really understand what you are feeling right now. But please cheer up! after 6 months, we can apply again. What we should do is we must research more and be honest. Also (a very tita advice,) please don’t give up your studies~ it could be a strong proof that you have commitments to do in PH, thus they can grant you a tourist visa. 🙂

      • joooeeeys joooeeeys

        Yup, I apply with guarantor. Don’t worry I’ll be back this coming second semester. I’m planning to apply my visa application again by next year soon. 🙂 Please tell me how did you apply again your visa and what are the documents you submit. Thanks 🙂

  9. Nicole Nicole

    Hi, did the agency gave you any slip or written notice that you were denied? Thanks.

    • Aika Aika

      Hello Nicole,
      No they didn’t. They requested me to go to their agency to personally receive the bad news and to get my passport~

      • Nicole Nicole

        Oh im sorry to hear that. Anyway, 3 of my friends were denied too but no slip or any notice too. However, they’ll be appealing to the embassy tom. We do not find any reason for them to get denied. They even submitted all listed requirements and had their visas processed by a japan embassy accredited agency. Giving it a shot! Hoping for the best

        • Mari Mari

          Hi Nicole,

          Mine was denied as well. Today, when I claimed my passport, I was surprised. The consular officer just told me that I did not met a criteria ( which of course she did not disclose) and said I could apply again after six months. I was suppose to spend a week there with my friends who are coming from Doha and Manila. No idea at all what went wrong, I’ve been to Europe and some Arab countries before as tourist. How was your friends visit to the embassy if you don’t mind dear?

    • B B


      My friend got denied as well sobrang labo lang kasi may US ME, used SK and Taiwanese visa, travelled to BKK, Cambodia and HK within the past 5 years.

      Magtatry din kami mag-appeal. Kamusta yung process?

  10. Anonforever Anonforever

    Hello, i applied for tourist visa on saturday and its already tuesday and havent got any updates yet . My friend whos with me already got a call that her passport is in the agency already. Im now scared! 🙁 im a freelancer and been traveling . I didnt give any itr. I wanna ask, if how much money u showed in your bank certificate?

    • Cris Cris

      Hello po okay po ba yung passport mo? Same kasi tau freelancer ako walang ITR. Approved ba visa appli mo? Salamat po in advance

  11. Crims Crims

    Hello Aika,

    may I ask if you applied immediately after being denied? Right now, I’ve just received the bad news the we got denied. We have applied for tourist visa. Though we could try again, but now a guarantor is needed I think, since application for the same type of visa is not allowed.

    • Aika Aika

      Hi Crims,

      I’m sorry to hear that. 🙁 After I got denied, I didn’t apply immediately. I applied for a tourist visa too (without guarantor) Denied applicants won’t be able to re-apply within 6 months after application. I’m not sure whether it is allowed to apply visa with a guarantor immediately after getting denied from the first try I suggest you to ask a reliable travel agent about that matter~ Anyway, I hope everything will be fine! ^__^

      • Crims Crims

        Hello Aika,

        We have claimed our passports from the agency. I have also asked if it’s allowed to apply for a different type of visa, and they said it is allowed. So were gonna discuss it if it’s worth the try again. I’ll just ask, did you get your submitted requirements when you claimed your passport? I have forgotten to ask for ours during our time at the agency the other day.

  12. It’s really frustrating..hoping that will not happen to me…i already applied for a japan visa…waiting for the result next week…pls pray for me…i can’t sleep unless there’s already a result…if i got denied maybe that would be part of my destiny…maybe i will go to USA instead. LOL

  13. Van Van

    How fast did the agency informed you to pick up your passport?

  14. Shan Shan

    “Appeal for Reconsideration = Success!”

    Hi! Just want to share my experience last Feb/Mar 2016. I got denied on my tourist visa for my planned trip last May 2016. It’s kinda weird because I was granted already a tourist visa last April 2015 (Sakura!!!). Maybe I was over confident for the application process this year and ta-da, DENIED haha. But because of my great determination (haha), I tried to reapply. I didn’t wait for that 6 months, after 1-2 weeks I decided to submit again all the requirements plus a letter of reconsideration addressed to the Consul General through a different agency (from Reli Tours Mega to Friendship Tours – Dusit). Reli Tours didn’t want to accept my papers and kept on insisting that it won’t really work. Friendship Tours said that my chance was just 20%, no assurance. It was really a leap of faith. After 3 days, I was granted a MULTIPLE entry Japan visa! 😀

    I can’t seem to find posts regarding the “appeal” process… But this is really possible. Been there, done that 🙂

    • Aika Aika

      Hey there Shan,

      Whaaaat?! talaga? if only i knew! T^T but i’m glad it worked and you were able to get approved~

      • Shan Shan

        Yeaahhh!! Natuwa lang ako nung nabasa ko post mo, same feeling! Nag flashback lahat 😀 anyway, have a nice day, Aika! 🙂

    • TIN TIN

      Hi Shan!

      I hope you can still see this comment and reply.
      My friend just got denied and is planning to appeal immediately because our flight is in 2 weeks.

      Did you pass a birth certificate again?

      • Lots Lots

        Hi Tin,

        Did your friend try to appeal? Any feedback? We want to appeal also for my brother.

    • Annabelle Annabelle

      Hi shan.
      I read your comment and that is exactly what im looking for. My visa application was denied, actually also my boyfriend just today. We are based here in Dubai. I really dont know why our visa applicTion were denied considering all the required documents were complete. I am thinking of reapplying but they said after 6 months. Our tickets were booked already so i am so disappointed. Any chance if possible ba mag reapply kmi sa pinas not here in dubai?

    • Laroga Leonardo Laroga Leonardo

      good evening Shan
      I think pareho tayo ng experience sa reli tours din aq nag apply at denied pwde ba un mag re apply after 2 weeks?
      Thank you and godbless

  15. joy joy

    so verry sad talaga pag ma deny .. na deny n din po ako twice .. kaya kinakabahan ako kasi sabi nila pag 3 times kadaw ma denied hndi kna kylan man makakapunta ng japan 🙁

  16. Kamenashi Aria Kamenashi Aria

    waaa.. I feel you Aika~ When I got denied last year, shems, nag-iiyak ako sa may Ayala Triangle nun. hahaha Pero kausap ko yung friend ko nun so di naman ako nagmukhang baliw haha Anyways, aun, same as with you, honestly, natatakot na ulit akong mag-apply ng visa kasi baka na-banned ako hahaha triny ko kasing i-email yung embassy, sort of parang yung reconsideration stuff, pero waley ee haha Hopefully, the next time na mag-apply ulit ako, keri ko na at sana SANA ma-approve na haha Thanks dito sa entry mo pala.. 😀

  17. Lindsay Lindsay

    Is it shown in your passport that you got denied a Japanese visa? Or do they give you letter saying that you got denied?

    • Aika Aika

      Hi Lindsay,
      They put a sticker behind my passport. I didn’t receive a letter from the embassy and they didn’t disclose the reason why i got denied.

  18. Anya Anya


    My problem is that its been two weeks since I submitted my application to the agency. The agency keeps on telling me that the embassy still has to verify some documents. Does this mean that my application has been denied or I just have to wait?

    • Aika Aika

      Hi Anya!

      I think two weeks is quite a long time already but i don’t think that indicates whether you are denied or not. Maybe you can ask the agency if you have to submit additional documents. If your agency doesn’t advise you to do so, then you just have to wait and pray 🙂 Good luck on your application!

      • Anya Anya

        Thank you for the reply. I’m just worried because my flight is scheduled next week already.

  19. Faith Faith

    Hi, was looking for any stories/information about Japan visas being denied and your blog helped me cope with the sadness a lot hehehe. My girlfriend’s visa was denied and everything was already booked for next and all pero based sa comments here, it gave me a glimmer of hope na pwede mag appeal/reapply. Have you also tried this? Or did you wait for the 6 month period??

    • Aika Aika

      Hello Faith,

      Thanks a lot for reading! Your girlfriend can definitely reapply 6 months after she received the result. but about sa pag-appeal, i am not very certain about it. I didn’t try to appeal in my case because di ko alam na it’s possible pala according to a commenter~ hehehe it’s been almost 2 years since i attempted to get a tourist visa and until now di pa rin ako nag-aapply. hopefully, i’ll try to reapply later this year. 🙂

      • Faith Faith

        Yes same tayo it’s the first time I’ve heard/read na pwede palang umappeal. Hahaha nakakatrauma pala huhu. Good luck din pala sa future application mo!

  20. Russell Mae Russell Mae

    Hello! I want to know how many days you’re supposed to stay in Japan and how much was your bank balance at that time? Please send me a message on my e-mail about your bank balance because I’m saving now for my trip to Japan. I actually have a guarantor but it’s taking time for him to collect all the documents since he’s so busy so I want to try to get a visa without a guarantor. I already filed a leave for 10 days and it’s a waste if I couldn’t use it.

  21. Hi Aika,

    Thanks for sharing about Japanvisa denial / rejection and I have read it before applying for a Japan tourist visa. I have read on the comments in your blog entry that if denied, you can submit an appeal letter. Actually, we were denied on our first application but able to reapply again with an appeal letter and be approved in less than a month because we had a problem with the agency who processed our first application and we have to be together with my other family members in an already planned and booked trip.. Good thing that we were approved after that through a second travel agency.

    To those who were denied visa, don’t feel devastated, just try again or if have to leave asap, had a solid basis and submit additional documents, try to submit an appeal letter.

    But if you aren’t in a hurry, it will be best to wait again for six months to have a better chance of visa approval.

  22. sey sey

    hello! Im planning to visit japan and apply for visa without guarantor. i have a brother there but im not staying with them. should i write that im visiting a relative or not? because i might be questioned about them if i write it or i might need to ask for their papers. and be declined?

    • Aika Aika

      Hi Sey,

      Are you going to Japan and see your brother? As long as you’ll meet them I think you might need some docs from them like invitation letter etc. I suggest that you consult a person from a travel agency to be sure~ 🙂

      • sey sey

        yes i’ll be seeing him. buy im not gonna stay in their house. and i’ll be using my own money. That’s why im hesitating if im going to include that i have a brother there because i cant ask them for some papers. they are so busy now that he is working for whole day. hehehe will it varry if i just write that i’ll just tour in tokyo?

    • Russell Russell

      If you have enough money in your bank certificate, it’s better if you don’t state that you’ll be visiting your brother and just state that you’ll just go there for sightseeing. If you mention your brother, they will ask more documents from you and it’s really troublesome and there’s a chance that you’ll be denied. They might think you’ll stay and work there illegally since you have a relative there. I had a Japanese boyfriend when I went to Japan and I didn’t tell them about it and got approved!

      • You can refer to my blog as well. I wrote my experience about getting a visa without a guarantor!

  23. Carz Carz

    Hi Aika,

    Nakapag apply ka na ba ulit ng japan visa?


    • Aika Aika

      Hi Carz,

      For some reasons, di pa rin ako nag-apply ng visa since i got denied 3 years ago.

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