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The Exhibition “HELLO,MY NAME IS PAUL SMITH” ポールスミス展 Every Day is A New Beginning… yeah! yeah! yeah!

The other day I visited Paul Smith exhibition at The Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo Ueno Park.

Official Website





I used to have a Paul Smith Wallet but never had a shirt.

Because it’s too elegant and expensive for me.

I’m a man with plain shirts and active sneakers. That’s Okay.

I remembered when I was a student in London and my friend visited me from Japan.
And he insisted me to go to Paul Smith Shop at Covent Garden.
Inside the shop, I really felt awkward to see those pricey tags

I bought many nice reasonable clothes at Camden Town or other nice flea markets in London those days.
Of course I was a student at that time, I couldn’t afford to buy gorgeous shirts.

But my friend could! (He must have worked a lot to buy Paul Smith )

That was his Dandyism. I think.


Anyway when I knew this exhibition coming to Tokyo, I wanted to feel Lovely British Pop Art thing atmosphere created by fashion living legend Paul Smith.

So I invited my friend, he used to be a student at the same time with me in England.



Inside gallery, there were so many visitors (They were so very O-sya-re(おしゃれ) fashionable)

They seemed to be so fascinated by Paul’s works of photos, clothing patterns, cars etc. (even evian!!)




David Bowie…






QR Codes guided me explanations of exhibiton.

img_6076_syeah! yeah! yeah!

Icon of British Rock






It was so inspiring and refreshing to see cool art works.







Paul Smith’s The First Shop



Paul Smith’s Office



img_6120_s  img_6133_s





There were also many photo works of Japan images Paul shooted.
Through his eyes, mundane and ordinary views of Japan scenery was captured with artistic perspective.
That reminded me significance of capturing Everyday Life.





Every Day is A New Beginning… Yes, it surely is!!




Business…  Art….  Give me a museum



What does Paul really want to tell us with those countless colorful buttons?


My interpretation is Buttons are People.  People are Buttons.

Umm, Abstract..



My friend told me he has one of them (most front one) I think I remembered he wore it before.
Of course he was so outstanding in Izakaya.
img_6176_s  img_6178_s

Many visitors were buying souvenirs.
I bought nothing.
Inspiration was enough(^-^;

Truth is I’m saving money…



I said thanks and goodbye to HELLO.



I went to this gallery mid August….

It seems I’ve been so busy lately..





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Digital Art: Azalea Women


I really love girls… I mean, drawing them~ This was originally a pencil sketch I did when I couldn’t do anything during my internship. I decided to make it digital since it’s been months since I practiced painting via Photoshop. and also I want to experiment more and combine my drawings and Nao-chan’s photo works.

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How to Slay your Self-Introduction in Japanese!

Nao-chan’s going to meet his dad. I would like to meet him in person too but it’s impossible since I’m here in Manila and also I can’t skype them since it was a weekday, and I was pretty busy at that time. So I just decided to make video message for his father. I introduced myself.


Well it’s not easy. I think in Japanese there are so many ways to introduce yourself, but it depends on the situation:

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So So Hot…… Cool Music Suchmos

Hello, Hello,

It’s so hot here in Tokyo..

I think Manila as well.
Maybe much hotter.

After getting through cold cold winter, why I have to endure this scorching heat comes up from asphalt road.

I want to dive into Manila Ocean Park.
I rather want to be a Sealion.


とてもあつい Totemo Atsui …….. very hot

I can’t hit upon a good idea with my already-melted brain.

That’s OK.

All I can do to cope with this hot summer is…..
listening to cool music (^◇^)♪♪

Lately in Japan, band called Suchmos is very popular☆

I’m so happy every time I encounter good music, movie, people….

That’s how I keep my heart on fire in my life.

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The Night Sketch


It’s #ThrowbackThursday (≧▽≦)


This is an illustration I made few months ago. I really love drawing women portraits and fashion illustrations (I, myself is not fashionable at all though)




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A Day at Manila Ocean Park

It’s been seven years since I visited Manila Ocean Park for a high school field trip. So I was excited to visit the place again, with Nao-chan this time.

Manila Ocean Park is the only aquarium in Philippines. Some people say it is not as big as other aquariums abroad (but who cares?!) There are so many beautiful sea creatures to see and there are many packages to choose from depending on your budget.

We chose the ‘Deep Sea Rush 6’. which costs 580 pesos. It wasn’t so crowded as we visited there on a weekday. (yey!)

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Packing My Things



I started packing things the day before Nao-chan’s arrival. At last! My parents allowed me to stay with him, I was really happy! Before, they never allowed it and I must be home before midnight~ And even though they let me be with Nao-chan, they kept on reminding me, “Aika, know your limitations!” or “Please, please don’t do things you are not allowed to do yet”. My ears are getting tired to hear them but of course, I also appreciate how they care for me. Nao-chan and I are very thankful to them, for their trust.

It took me one hour or two to pack my things and I was pretty indecisive when it comes to choosing what clothes to bring. I’d been packing and unpacking for a few times until I finally got satisfied with it. And my mom saw tons of  clothes on the bed and I don’t know why she was a bit worried about it! (^▽^)



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