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My Short Struggles as a Creative Newbie

You might be thinking why I haven’t been updating the blog in the past year… Not because I’m lazy! Actually, I got tied up with my work then and I’m going to share my experience /(^___^)\


Weeks before my graduation last 2017, I received a message from my supervisor during my internship, offering me a position at their ad agency. I was very happy as I had been dreaming to work there and since not all graduates can get a job right away, I really felt lucky.


I thought I’m ready to take the next step. Getting in the advertising is what I wanted since my 2nd year at the university. I fell in love with the process of creating ad campaigns. From understanding people’s mindset and behavior, to visualizing concepts. I’m aware of the struggles working in the field, but it never discouraged me. Until I experienced them myself.
Working in the ad agency is indeed very interesting but struggles were getting in the way. As a newbie, I did realize some things:


Hey! I’m Not an Intern Anymore
When I entered the company, it was a season for internships. So after a few weeks, creative interns came in. To be honest, I felt a bit nervous since I don’t know how good they are. I was still a bit insecure about my abilities then. But that anxiety grew more when I got compared to them (though, I know I still LOOK like one haha) I remembered my boss once told me, “The intern said he can think of 6 ideas for this month’s posts, but how come you’re not sure you can make it?” and “I still count you as an intern”. I felt more pressured since I’m the one who’s paid by the company, and it would be a big slap on my face if I’m not useful enough or if they find interns better than I do. But don’t misinterpret me – I don’t hate them. I had that kind of feeling but I did get along really well with the interns. I don’t mind about the so-called ‘seniority system’ and they became my friends. 🙂

The Pain of Rejection is Real
In my job interview, I mentioned that one of my strengths is I can easily move on from rejections. I think it is one important quality to be able to survive in this ‘subjective’ industry, where revisions are an everyday thing. In my high school days, or even in my college days, I faced quite a lot of rejections and failures, and I thought I got used to it. I’ve learned how to accept them, then do something. But to be honest, no matter how aware I was, it’s still somewhat  painful for me to know that my ideas were rejected. I realized that until now, I’ve never gotten used to get my ideas and sketches turned down, as I deeply thought each one of them. I imagined that they will be approved and see them on different media. By that time, when the client or my boss asked for revisions, it gets really tough to go back from scratch. (That’s why falling in love with your ideas is FORBIDDEN!)

Am I Really Getting Creative?
So, thinking, visualizing and getting rejected became a daily cycle. I had to give up my creative style to please the client and have the posts approved. I started questioning myself – Is advertising really for me? Maybe it was too early for me to enter this industry. I thought maybe I should explore more and further expand my abilities.


After almost a year,  I finally decided to quit my job in the agency. Perhaps I needed to take a step back and do the things what I love to do. Recently, I’m still hibernating but I want to further improve my illustration skills (my first love!) as I felt my hand got rusty and I haven’t done a nice illustration since last year. So please check out my drawings soon! 🙂


So Am I Giving Up the Advertising Path?


Not! I still have love for advertising and it will not easily fade. It’s no that I gave up, but taking a retreat is a good way to practice harder to achieve our goals. Now that I had a glimpse of the advertising world, I have an idea on how to be a better creative. I want to go back in that field as less intimidated, more outspoken and confident person.


Now that I am #unemployed, I can have more time to blog! 😀 😀 😀
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What Happened To Us?

Hey there! Aika here.

It’s been a long time since I wrote in our blog. And I really missed writing here T_T So many things happened already in the past few months and one blog post isn’t enough to update this diary. But I will do my best to share it here 😀


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I Love this Shiseido Commercial!「なぜ資生堂のCMが好き?」

Long time no write! Aika here~

Couple of days ago, Nao-chan sent me a YouTube video. It’s the newest commercial of Shiseido, and it really made my heart melt because my favorite actresses were there, Ryoko Shinohara, Maki Yoko and my current most favorite Yuriko Ishida!

Ryoko Shinohara (Screengrab from Shiseido Co. Ltd. Youtube Video)


Maki Yoko (Screengrab from Shiseido Co. Ltd. Youtube Video)


They are so gorgeous and their beauty never fades, especially Yuri-san! (My #midagegoal is to be like her when I reach my 40s hahaha)

Yuriko Ishida (Screengrab from Shiseido Co. Ltd. Youtube Video)

The video doesn’t have any English subtitles so Nao-chan had to explain everything about it. According to him, the newest commercial introduces Shiseido’s Hyoujyou (facial expression) Project. It reminds women not to be reluctant in showing their emotions. We all know that as we get older, wrinkles and visible lines appear when we smile, cry or do any facial expression which most of women don’t want to show.


Aside from the angles, videography and ‘pastel’-like vibe of the CM, I’m truly amazed to the story or concept. I like that it established a ‘human connection’ and it was able to highlight Shiseido’s significance.  (As an advertising major student, I really have to observe that XD)


Anyway, see the video here. There’s no English subtitles but you’ll definitely enjoy it since the music is nice! 😀
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Strolling around Tokyo Asakusa with Ricoh Theta S

Recently I bought Ricoh Theta S.
This camera can capture 360 orbital view.

I would like to start take the photos of Tokyo and other areas as orbital images (‘ω’)

Seeing those images make me dizzy a bit actually, but exciting (^O^)

Anyway I strolled around my favorite place Asakusa….

To see images below properly, browsing with Google Chrome recommended.
Or click and jump to Google streetview.



Kaminarimon Gate


Nakamise Street.
Many lovely shops.

Retouching the photo to remove myself is very troublesome.
I should compromise retouching stone tiles.

I want to be invisible to save the time to retouch.


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Aika Finally Travels: Wandering around Singapore

Finally, I was able to have a my long vacation! Over the past few months, my world revolves around work and studies. (That’s why I couldn’t post so much in our blog haha) I work almost every day, even on weekends and write my thesis after tutoring. It was my first time to go on a trip abroad, and though Nao-chan wouldn’t be the first person whom I’ll travel with, I’m super thankful to my closest friend, Bebe-chan for inviting me to go on a trip with her. She planned for our trip and also introduced me to a lot of places, and importantly, food!

So after a 3-hour flight, we safely landed to Singapore! We arrived to our accommodation around ten in the evening so we just took a rest and got ready for tomorrow’s stroll!


First Stop: Little India

Our hostel was located around Veerasamy Road, so we could reach this very interesting place by a few minutes of walking. At that time, It was Deepavali Festival,  a religious festivity widely celebrated in India. and since Indians are part of the Singaporean multicultural society, this has also become a very important holiday in the country.

little india-deepavali
The streets were decorated with colorful, bird-like lanterns

Little India is full of shops, offering various items. The establishments are all amazing as they are vintage and vividly painted.





The streets were full of people because of the holiday. And I admit, at first I felt something. We look different so there are lots of time some locals were looking at us. But of course, this place is really safe and very interesting, I must say.  In fact when I was here, I almost forgot that I’m in Singapore! I could see a few women wearing gorgeous sarees, the aroma of curry and the lively Indian music.


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When I was very young I had problems like other young people had.

In my case, mostly it was my parents’ things.
It was really depressing when my parents’ relationship went wrong.

I felt so helpless.
Sometimes I wanted to escape from this planet.

Planet full of battles, anger, hatred, anxieties..

Of course I didn’t regard my life that way all the time.

I used to be pessimistic about everything sometimes.
It was so hard to imagine having a wonderful future.

But I wanted to become tough so as to pave the way for my future.



Now I know, I’m already in the future of my struggling past.

I don’t know if my present days are wonderful or not.

But I am so lucky and happy to realize :

“Life is full of miracle. Everything is miracle.”



Yes, of course everyone knows it already.

As for me, it took many years to understand this notion through many experiences (good and bad).

Anyway, before it becomes lengthy, I want to say this…


“Life will never be hell as long as wonderful music exist.
I am so grateful to all the musicians who saved me from miserable days. “

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